About Me

Consultant | Senior Software Engineer | Software Architect | Freelancer

I love solving puzzles.  Developing software allows me to create all kinds of elegant solutions.

After graduating, I worked at Boeing developing avionics software for military aircraft.  After 6 years there, I wanted to see if software was developed differently elsewhere.  I worked at a mid-size company for a year and then started consulting.  I found that I really liked the variety of projects and the focus on the work while consulting.

Some of the highlights in my career:

* I led a team of 12 developers/testers to develop an encrypted email system.  My team worked remotely in and around Seattle.  The client company was based in Dallas.  We developed all the client side code and the encryption libraries for both the server and client.

* I ported a multi-threaded avionics simulator.  The existing simulator was running on hardware which had become obsolete.  It provided environmental and viewing data for a set of avionics cameras.  I refactored the code to run on modern hardware, which allowed the simulator to be run on a desktop.  This eliminated the bottleneck of limited resources for development and mission planning.

* I developed and extended a suite of design tools which are used to create 3D games. The tools included a world/level compositing tool as well as asset conversion/conditioning tools. I also supported and added features to the proprietary game engine that was the core of the studio’s games.

* I developed the firmware in the first base radios used for bar code scanning.  The radio network allowed bar code scanners to be wireless – opening up a larger market for their use.

* I helped refactor health care claim validation code into a web service.  We pulled the functionality out of the existing website, made the service and adjusted the original website to use the new service.

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